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Shivam Theatre

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 4A Castletown Road, West Kensingtom , London W14 9HQ

Shivam Theatre London launching new comedy play લગ્નની વ્યાધિ DIVORCEની ઉપાધિ Lagnani Vyaadhi Divorcenee Upaadhi MODERN DAYS’S PAY AS YOU GO LOVE MARRIAGE … SIGNED ON THE DOTTED LINE … NO STRINGS ATTACHED… DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CANDEL LIGHT DINNER V/S DINING TABLE DINNER AT HOME (HOME MUST BE ON HOME LOAN) JUST MARRIED BUT DIVORCE JUST AHEAD… COLOURFULL COMEDY Produced by Amita Purohit & Written and directed by Kiran Purohit. Depict the reality of Morden life which is highly influenced by its own culture, traditions and values. Comedy of colourful ceremonial issues and the hard-hitting truth will make you laugh, cry and think ....... in black and white before you tie the knot!